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The Lazarus Initiative


The Lazarus Initiative came to me looking to create a website for their enquiry platform. They had been offering their services since 2001 but just didn’t have a website. They wanted a professional custom website to showcase their services.

I created their website using the WordPress CMS to allow the client the ability to update the website anytime using an easy to use back-end admin area.


Breaking the Dreamspell, the Narrative, and the Lies

The coming storm beckons us to gather strength and resources, surround ourselves with loved ones, and plan to rebuild our broken infrastructure. This is an ancient story as much as it is a modern contemporaneous crisis. It encompasses cosmogenesis, the status quo, and our planetary evolution toward ascension. This is hard medicine for many to hear and digest. It deeply offends the unrealized soul—but is a flame of pure truth to those who genuinely seek enlightenment and a higher outcome.

  • Client Sacha Stone
  • Services world-class academics, pundits, researchers, and icons in consciousness and innovation.
  • Live Preview www.lazarusinitiative.com
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